Miami club E11EVEN rakes in six figures of Bitcoin during convention
Full Article: PageSix Published: 06/08/21 After a busy few days of plotting to dismantle the global financial power structures, crowds from the Miami Bitcoin convention hit the clubs over the weekend. On Saturday rapper G-Eazy performed at E11EVEN in front of a crowd that included Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel. The club — the first major nightlife venue to accept cryptocurrency — has been packed all week in light of the 20,000-plus attendee convention, we’re told. A source tells us the venue even pulled in over six figures in crypto in the past few days. Also in the crowd was Logan Paul’s brother Jake Paul, who was in town to see his bro take on Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition match. A spy tells us that controversial Jake — who made his name with prank videos on YouTube — was not drinking because he is also training as a boxer. (He recently told Bloomberg, “It’s such an art, and I’m an artist … I love the feeling of cracking people in the face or the body.”) And nearby, former basketball star Dennis Rodman “was hanging like a regular guy at the bar,” except that “girls and guys were begging to take photos.”   Later in the night, Deadmau5 took the stage. We hear the electronic musician even ditched the mouse head helmet he normally wears to get on stage and twirl around a go-go dancer pole. Rapper Lil Baby, Marshmello, and Larsa Pippen were also in the crowd. Earlier in the week, Paris Hilton kicked off the Bitcoin Convention — which featured talks from Dorsey, Ron Paul and Tony Hawk — with a DJ set at the club for a crowd of techies who paid up to $25,000 for a table.
Friends themed cocktails to sip while watching the highly anticipated reunion
Full Article: Foodsided Published: 05/27/21 Skip the Central Perk coffee and shake up these Friends themed cocktails which are sipping perfection for that viewing event. Whether you watched the show on must see TV all those years ago or have watched and re-watched in syndication, everyone wants to catch up on those favorite moments that made this television show so iconic. As excitement has built over this HBO Max reunion special, many food and beverage brands have found ways to make the special a total experience. While fans might not be sitting on Monica’s couch or relaxing in Joey’s easy chair, the reality is that people want to celebrate the moment of these friends getting back together. Joey: E11even Vodka’s Spiced Coconut Mu11e at Lost Boy in Downtown Miami Ingredients: 2 oz of E11EVEN Vodka0.25 oz of Lemon Juice0.75 oz of Spiced Coconut Syrup1 oz of East Imperial Ginger BeerAngostura Float (7-8 dashes)Dehydrated Pineapple and Rosemary Sprig for Garnish Directions: Combine all ingredients except ginger beer in small tin, fill with ice and shake vigorously. Add ginger beer, strain into Collins glass, top with crushed ice and float angostura. Garnish and serve Tasting Notes: How you doing? This cocktail will make you feel a little sweet, a little spicy and always up for a good time. More importantly, one sip peels back the layers. Just like Joey, beyond the surface there is a lot offered.
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