Full Article: Chilled Magazine Published: 09/10/21 What do Leonardo DiCaprio, Kendall Jenner, Snoop Dogg, Nelly, Rob Gronkowski, Dwyane Wade, and Gigi & Bella Hadid, Megan Thee Stallion, G-Eazy, Travis Scott, and Flo Rida all have in common? They’ve all been spotted sipping on E11even Vodka! After their wildly successful launch, E11even Vodka has been making a splash with its super premium spirit and stunning packaging. Recently, the brand homed in on its messaging, priming itself to be The Official Vodka of Nightlife. It might be a bold claim, but if any spirit has the right, it’s E11even. “As the first-ever nightclub branded Ultra-Premium Vodka, E11even Vodka bears the name of E11even Miami, the iconic ultraclub that opened in 2014 and soon became the highest-grossing nightclub per square foot globally,” Shared CEO and Chairwoman Nikki Simkins. “When I set out to create the best vodka in the world, it was imperative that it captured the Miami spirit, and nothing does that better than the E11even brand & lifestyle. E11even Miami truly changed the landscape of nightlife, not just in Miami but worldwide, and that’s what we want to do with vodka.”– CEO AND CHAIRWOMAN NIKKI SIMKINS E11even Vodka is made in Miami using copper stills and is distilled six times before going through a seven-step filtration process resulting in an ultra-premium spirit with a soft palate and a graceful finish. The corn-based vodka has a rounded sweetness with notes of vanilla, cracked peppercorn, citrus peel, and cacao making it perfect for drinking neat as well as in cocktails. With their high quality and healthy lifestyle inspired spirit, it’s no wonder E11even has become the go-to choice for nightlife. “The E11even name is not just a nightclub,” added Simkins. “It’s an elite, exclusive, and extravagant lifestyle experience. As a brand built with an ethos of being the gold standard of entertainment, we have positioned our vodka to represent everything that you can get during a night at E11even, in the world’s most renowned party city, but packaged in a bottle! Drinking E11even Vodka stands for something clear. It means you are down. You are having a night. And you are making incredible memories with your closest friends. In an age where social clout is earned through the experiences you post about, drinking E11even Vodka is the badge of proof that you know how to do it right and do it big” With such compelling sales performance and the support of so many celebrities and influencers, adding E11even to your bar or nightclub is an easy sell. The vodka itself is fantastic to mix with and the striking bottles stand out on a backbar making it even more appealing to guests, especially if you offer bottle service. Cash in on the clout, add E11even to your menu and give your guests a taste of the Miami party spirit.
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