E11EVEN Miami & Barstool Sports Present Big Game Weekend Tampa, Steve Aoki, Diplo & 50 Cent
Full Article: Nocturnal Times Published: 02/05/21 Arguably the best weekend shaping up in the country this upcoming weekend, Big Game Weekend in Tampa is expected to set the bar high for 2021 live events that are both successful and safe. Tonight and Saturday nights (Feb 5-6), an A-list talent roster including Steve Aoki, Diplo, and 50 Cent is sweeping through Tampa on an outstanding high. E11EVEN Miami and Dave Portnoy // Barstool Sports have partnered up to bring these sensations to the stage at WTR at The Godfrey Hotel.  Leading up to Sunday’s Superbowl Game, these two back to back pop-up parties have music and sports enthusiasts alike coming together for an extravagant celebration. Those in attendance can expect a slew of surprises all weekend long. Both nights will feature an impressive array of entertainment including fireworks, stilt walkers, firework displays, acrobats, and more. Presented by E11EVEN Vodka, Big Game Weekend is offering a limited number of GA tickets, as well as a variety of VIP Cabana and Table packages.  Already locked in as a weekend for the books, Big Game Weekend is going above and beyond to deliver not only grandiose musical performances, but ensure the safety of its entire crowd and staff. Taking proper safety precautions, the events will adhere to all COVID guidelines, and E11EVEN will be installing four Wellness 4 Humanity safe-entry stations that all guests are required to walk through prior to entry of both parties.  Wellness 4 Humanity stations utilize A1 technology to screen for seven symptoms associated with COVID-19. Should an attendee not be cleared by the Safe Entry System, they will then be required to take a rapid antigen test that will provide results in 15 minutes. These stations are bringing back possibilities to the entire realm of concerts and live events, and to say excitement is in the air to be back at venues is an understatement.  Those who have experienced the luxury of E11EVEN Miami are familiar with its brilliancy when it comes to all things live performance and entertainment. Hosting some of the world’s biggest talents including Drake, Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner, Usher, Sting, and strings more, E11EVEN is simply the perfect partner to throw Big Game Weekend in Tampa. They bring nothing short of excellence to the forefront of live events, and with a lineup like Steve Aoki, Diplo, and 50 Cent, Big Game Weekend is going to knock this one out of the park. 
E11EVEN Vodka Review
Full Article: Vodka Guy Published: 01/26/21 E11EVEN Vodka is produced by the E11EVEN 24/7 Ultraclub in Miami, but on a scale of 1-10, does this Miami spirit get an E11EVEN? The E11EVEN describes itself as a 24/7 Ultraclub and opened in downtown Miami in 2014. It’s the kind of nightclub that is more of an experience, and a lifestyle brand. I’ve never been but it must be something as it’s been on lists of the  Top-10 Nightclubs in America, awarded by Nightclub & Bar, and even  the Top-50 Clubs in the world, as listed by DJ Magazine. And now comes E11EVEN Vodka. Making E11EVEN Vodka E11EVEN Vodka is entirely Miami-made and bottled. It uses 100% Florida-grown non-GMO corn, is distilled six times in copper stills, and then goes through a proprietary seven-step filtration process. It’s then bottled at 40% ABV (80 proof). The E11EVEN Vodka Bottle The bottle is truly impressive. It helps that it holds 1 liter, making it bigger than normal, so it certainly stands head and shoulders above most bottles on the shelves. The E11EVEN name is prominent on the neck and down the front, in a simple but elegant style. There’s not much else on show, giving a surprisingly understated look. It obviously is intended to say ‘classy vodka’, and it succeeds. Tasting E11EVEN Vodka On the nose there’s a definite warmth about it, with citrus and liquorice aromas. There’s a dash of peppery spice as well, and all in all it’s a subtle and enjoyable aroma. The citrus and liquorice are there on the palate too, along with some grassy and herbal tastes, and a hint of vanilla. It does have a slightly rough edge to it, though it’s not too bad for a vodka in its price range (see below), and the finish is reasonably smooth with the vanilla lingering. The Bottom Line The vodka is a standard 40% ABV (80 proof). It’s all natural and gluten-free. While not being earth-shattering this is a decent and smooth vodka, and with the classy bottle to put on display the recommended price of $29.99 for a big 1-liter bottle seems very fair. Buying E11EVEN Vodka You can obviously try E11EVEN Vodka at the club itself, and in bars and restaurants around southern Miami. If you live further afield, you can buy the vodka from the E11EVEN Vodka website and also get a bottle from Drizly.
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