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Published: 10/18/21

Launching a wildly successful premium vodka isn’t easy, but for the team at E11even Vodka, it’s all in a day’s work.

The Miami based vodka line has been making waves as it dominates the premium vodka category. We caught up with CEO and Chairwoman, Nikki Simkins, to learn more about the brand and how it has developed.

Talk to us a bit about E11EVEN Vodka and how it is a “Miami Spirit”

I set out to create the best vodka in the world, and it was imperative that it embodied the Miami Spirit. E11EVEN Vodka is an all-natural and gluten-free ultra-premium spirit sourced, distilled, and bottled entirely in Miami. Handcrafted in copper stills, distilled six times from 100% Florida-grown NON-GMO corn, and then refined through a proprietary seven-step filtration process.

E11EVEN Vodka exudes a rounded sweetness that is both clean and smooth. Subtle notes of citrus peels and cacao nibs flawlessly blend together to create a divine flavor that’s delicately teased with hints of vanilla and cracked peppercorns. Our proprietary hand filtration process softens the palate, leaving a graceful finish that is long, warm, seductive, and always leaves you wanting more.

Tell us about the idea of a “Miami Spirit.”

The “Miami Spirit” is a celebration of unsurpassed excellence that provokes a sense of pure curiosity and guiltless infatuation. E11EVEN Vodka is a combination of the fun party aspect mixed with a focus on clean ingredients. People in Miami love to party, but it’s also a very health-conscious city! E11EVEN Vodka is an aspirational brand that represents the Miami Spirit in all ways!

What does it mean to be a “lifestyle” brand?

Well, the E11EVEN brand is a lifestyle. It was created as a 24/7 Ultraclub in downtown Miami in 2014. EVERYONE flocked to the unique nightlife experience, making it one of the world’s most recognized clubs. E11EVEN Miami has received accolades, including being awarded “Best New Nightclub Concept,” is perennially voted among the top 10 nightclubs worldwide, and has become the highest-grossing nightclub per square foot globally. People just trust E11EVEN to do things better and elevate any experience. Because of this, I licensed the intellectual property of the iconic E11EVEN brand to create E11EVEN Vodka.

What can you tell us about E11EVEN Vodka and its “mindful drinking” aspect?

I am all about being mindful of what I put in my body. When I set out to create a spirit, I learned about Congeners which are toxins – literal chemicals like acetone & acetaldehyde – found in alcohol after the fermentation process. Out of all the alcohol types, I learned that tequila has the highest congeners levels, and that vodka has the lowest (congeners levels), and it’s the cleanest! I have always been very into health & wellness, and I’m very conscious about what I put into my body – so, from that day forward, I became a vodka drinker and decided to create a super clean vodka.