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Published : 02/01/2023

Introducing Giselle, the glamorous new rooftop restaurant that has just opened above the illustrious E11EVEN Miami nightclub. This over-the-top dining experience brings together global flavors and luxurious offerings, such as bluefin tuna truffle cones adorned with 24-karat gold leaf. Executive chef, Gustavo Zuluaga, known for his impressive culinary background, combines French, Asian, South American, and Mediterranean influences to create an extraordinary menu. The restaurant’s design, featuring a retractable roof and panoramic views, is a perfect blend of flashiness and whimsy. Giselle offers different experiences throughout the night, from intimate dining to vibrant party vibes. This collaboration between E11EVEN and The Restaurant People aims to make a bold statement in downtown Miami’s ever-evolving culinary landscape. With the forthcoming E11EVEN Hotel and Residences on the horizon, Giselle is set to become an integral part of the city’s exciting development. Prepare to be captivated by exceptional cuisine, stunning ambiance, and impeccable service at Giselle.