Full article: Authority Magazine

Published: 06/19/2023

This article is an interview with Nikki Simkins, CEO of E11EVEN Vodka, a female-founded and made-in-Miami brand. The CEO shares her journey in the wine and spirits industry, highlighting the challenges and lessons she learned along the way. She discusses the impact of the pandemic on her business, emphasizing the importance of staying positive and adapting to unforeseen challenges. The CEO also reflects on the need for greater gender parity in the industry and provides insights on succeeding in the wine and spirits industry. She expresses her excitement about the increasing number of women entering and leading the industry, as well as trends toward cleaner ingredients and the resurgence of Martini cocktails. However, she also expresses concerns about responsible consumption, empowering women in advertisements, sustainability, and creating viable pathways for entrepreneurial brands. The CEO’s favorite life lesson quote is “Work hard, play hard,” emphasizing the importance of enjoying life while pursuing success. Ultimately, she believes in inspiring a movement that helps people realize their inner power and strength.