Full article: OceanDrive

Published: 03/13/2023

OceanDrive Magazine features E11EVEN Vodka’s #NoSleep Martini in a new article. The #NoSleep Martini is a seductive elixir that harmoniously combines the boldness of E11even Vodka, the velvety allure of Frangelico, the captivating sweetness of Disaronno, and the rich complexity of Kahlua, all infused with the intense flavor of fresh black espresso. With each sip, this decadent masterpiece delights your palate with layers of indulgence and invigoration, as the smoothness of E11even Vodka forms the foundation, while Frangelico adds a luscious hazelnut undertone and Disaronno weaves a symphony of sweetness. The star ingredient, black espresso, casts its spell, infusing the cocktail with its robust intensity and creating a seductive dance of bitter and sweet. Garnished with three espresso beans, the Espresso Martini is an invitation to experience a sensory journey that combines sophistication, decadence, and the invigorating power of coffee, igniting your passion for extraordinary cocktails.