Wine and Sprit Review Episode 4 (E11EVEN Vodka)

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Published: 12/05/20

As a Floridian, I enjoy checking out Florida brands, and boy did I find a great one in E11EVEN Vodka. E11even has a great history as specially made Vodka for the local scene. Initially, it was created in 2014 as an Ultraclub in downtown Miami; people loved it so much that they have expanded outside of Miami and have won many awards and accolades, even beating Tito’s and Grey Goose in taste tests.

E11EVEN Vodka is an ultra-premium seven times distilled spirit from 100% Florida grown corn. Its result produces a smooth Vodka with a subtly natural sweetness with soft tones of citrus peels and traces of vanilla. The makers have a secret proprietary hand filtration process, which softens the palate, leaving a refined finish that is long, warm, and always leaving you wanting more. I typically like my Vodka in a cocktail, but this one is so smooth with that sweetness that I really enjoyed it over ice.

Appearance: Clear.

Aroma: vanilla and cracked peppercorn

Taste: subtly natural sweetness with soft tones of citrus peels and traces of vanilla.

Finish: sweetness with a fading vanilla and citrus undertones.

Overall: This Vodka is really smooth with a slightly sweet taste, which makes it excellent for sipping; this is a premium Vodka at a great price with a rich character, which is very smooth and easy drinking.  

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