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Published: 11/27/20

E11EVEN Vodka was launched in October by CEO Nikki Simkins.  The E11EVEN brand is a lifestyle.  Created as a 24/7 Ultra Club in Downtown Miami in 2014, E11EVEN Miami is the worlds highest grossing nightclub per square foot.  Hundreds of taste tests were completed before selecting a vodka deserving the E11EVEN name.  E11EVEN Vodka is crafted in Miami from 100% Florida grown NON-GMO corn.  It is 6 times distilled in copper stills.  A proprietary 7 step filtration follows, before hand bottled.  Since launch E11EVEN has out sold the second most popular vodka at E11EVEN Miami by a 4 to 1 margin.  The aroma brings out notes of fresh popped corn with a cracked black pepper topping.  Additional time in the glass brings out vanilla, and lemon custard.  The sweet citrus and creamed corn entry builds to a lemon cream peak.  It fades with vanilla, whole milk and lemon.  The finish is crisp with lemon peel, charcoal, and black pepper, leaving a long, semi-dry, warm peppery sting.

E11EVEN Vice

1.5 Oz. E11EVEN Vodka

1 Oz. Blue Curacao

.5 Oz. Coconut Puree

2 Oz. Pineapple Juice

Blend With Ice on High

Dip Rim of Coupe Glass in Coconut Puree

Then Dip in Coconut Flakes

Pour Cocktail in Glass

Made in Miami Florida

40% Alcohol

Score: 88

Award: Silver Medal