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Published: 10/22/20

E11EVEN, Miami’s iconic 24/7 ultra-club and highest-grossing nightclub per square foot globally, now has an ultra-premium Vodka named after it. E11EVEN Vodka is the first-ever nightclub-branded ultra-premium Vodka, and it is also woman-owned.

Born and raised in Miami, E11EVEN Vodka CEO Nikki Simkins loved seeing what E11EVEN had done for the city. So, when she set out to create an ultra-premium Vodka, she knew that the energy, spirit and vibe of the E11EVEN lifestyle was one that would translate flawlessly into a bottle.

The sleek bottle design expresses an exotic yet elegant demeanor that offers an exciting, unparalleled Vodka experience. An eye-catching Miami-blue neck sleeve wraps the translucent frosted glass bottle that is tastefully accentuated by an iridescent silver label.

Simkins licensed the intellectual property of the iconic brand and then found a master distiller in Miami. Sourced, distilled, and bottled entirely in the Magic City, E11EVEN Vodka is all-natural and gluten-free and is handcrafted in copper stills, distilled six times from 100% Florida grown NON-GMO corn, and then refined through a proprietary seven-step filtration process. The proprietary hand filtration process softens the palate, leaving a graceful finish that is long, warm, and seductive.

E11EVEN Vodka can now be experienced from anywhere in the United States.