Bring Miami’s Iconic Nightclub E11EVEN Home With Its New Vodka

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Published: 10/14/20

The doors of Miami’s iconic 24/7 megaclub E11EVEN may be closed for now, but you can still have a taste of the lifestyle it embodies while you’re at home as it has just launched the first-ever nightclub-branded vodka, E11EVEN Vodka.

Created by CEO, Chairwoman and Haute 100-lister Nikki Simkins, E11EVEN Vodka sets out to bring a taste of the “Miami Spirit,” provoking a sense of curiosity and guiltless infatuation. Not only is E11EVEN Vodka significant in that it is the first-ever nightclub-branded spirit, but it is also woman-owned.

E11EVEN Vodka further exemplifies that the E11EVEN brand is far from just a nightclub—it is an entire lifestyle. Now, the vodka is making its way throughout Miami and beyond so you can enjoy it from anywhere in the Magic City.

In celebration of this launch, we sat down with Simkins to discuss the process of creating E11EVEN Vodka, how it embodies the Miami lifestyle, her go-to cocktail and more.

HL: Tell us about the launch of E11EVEN Vodka. What was that process like?

NS: The process of launching E11EVEN Vodka was challenging and really fun. It was challenging because I insisted on creating the best vodka in the world that embodied the Miami spirit. It was fun because I got to work with really great people to make this a reality. We found a fantastic master distiller in Miami and did hundreds of taste tests until we found the perfect spirit. Once we knew we had the best-tasting vodka, we set out to create the bottle. The vision for designing the bottle was, “how do I put Miami in a bottle?” Knowing we were putting the E11EVEN brand name (on the bottle), everything had to be elevated—it had to stand out. We went with an eye-catching Miami-blue neck sleeve, a translucent frosted glass and an easy-to-remove cork.

Once we had the liquid and bottle finalized, we signed up with the most prominent and respected alcohol distributor in the country, Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits. We then began the process of getting E11EVEN Vodka on the menus of South Florida’s best restaurants & bars and liquor store shelves. E11EVEN Vodka is also available online for nationwide shipping. After three years, I am so excited to (finally) introduce E11EVEN Vodka to the world!

HL: Why did you choose to launch a vodka as opposed to another spirit?

NS: One night, after drinking too much tequila, I woke up with a horrible hangover! I began researching how to remedy it and came across tons of articles that spoke about congeners. Congeners are toxins—literal chemicals like acetone & acetaldehyde—found in alcohol after the fermentation process and cause hangovers. Out of all the alcohol types, I learned that tequila has the highest congener levels and that vodka has the lowest (congener levels), and it’s the cleanest! I have always been very into health & wellness, and I’m very conscious about what I put into my body—so, from that day forward, I became a vodka drinker.

E11EVEN Vodka is All-Natural & Gluten-Free, has no carbs and no sugar, is vegan & keto-friendly, and is distilled six times from 100-percent Florida grown organic NON-GMO corn.

HL: Why did you choose to tie E11EVEN into the launch of this vodka, making it the first-ever nightclub-branded ultra-premium vodka?

NS: E11EVEN Miami is one of the world’s most-recognized clubs, and it’s the highest-grossing nightclub per square foot globally. The E11EVEN brand is a lifestyle, and people trust E11EVEN to do things better. It’s all about crushing the day and owning the night, living your best life, and having fun—being an E11EVEN! E11EVEN Miami truly changed the landscape of nightlife, and that’s what we want to do with vodka. With my husband‘s involvement in E11EVEN Miami, I’ve lived with the brand since its inception in 2014 and know it all too well.

HL: How does E11EVEN Vodka embody the Miami lifestyle?

NS: E11EVEN Vodka is ALL about Miami! It’s a place we love and care deeply about, so it was uber-important for all aspects of the product to be made here (it’s sourced, distilled, and bottled entirely in Miami). The sexiness of the name, the smoothness of the spirit, and the bottle’s colors—it’s all very Miami. The city exudes so much culture and amazing energy…who doesn’t want to be in Miami? And for those who don’t, they can order a bottle online and taste the Miami spirit from the comfort of their homes

HL: What is your favorite way to drink E11EVEN Vodka?

NS: I like to drink it on the rocks with four slices of lemon squeezed into it. It’s also excellent in both simple and complex cocktails!

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